Full Service Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping, customised for your business

Our professional and experienced team will manage your bookkeeping.

Have your bookkeeping, payroll and accounting software kept up to date so you can focus on the stuff that matters.

Our full service bookkeeping package includes paying bills, chasing outstanding accounts, managing your liabilities and keeping on-top of the numbers so you know exactly where you are placed. Not to mention the stress you might be feeling towards managing cashflow.

Our professional team of bookkeeping specialists will ensure your work is kept up to date.
Utilising accounting software, we will be able to provide you with the most up to date, accurate information which will enable you to make effective financial management decisions.

We do

● Provide an automated receipt management system such as Receipt Bank
● Regular reconciliation of your accounts and credit cards
● Transactions are correctly allocated
● Ability to run financial reports at anytime confident the data is up to date
● Prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS)
● Prepare and lodge monthly Instalment Activity Statements (IAS) if required
● Reconcile customer payments
● Setup reminders in Xero to chase outstanding customer invoices
● Work with your business to ensure you are reaching your financial goals
● Work with your preferred Accountant
● Workers Compensation Declarations
● TPAR (if required)

You do

● Maintain active software subscription
● Answer any queries we may have as we proceed
● Provide documentation of all transactions

We both do

Manage and monitor designated accounts email account
Send supplier invoices to Receipt Bank
● Pay your employees

This service is best suited for

● Startup and micro-business
● Expanding businesses
● Established businesses
● Business with a high
number of transactions
● Companies
● Business with employees
● Businesses registered for GST

We also offer

● Customised monthly management reports in XERO
● Follow up outstanding customer invoices
● Manage journal entries from your accountant
● Manage an accounts email inbox.
● Upload supplier payments to your bank
● Enter sales invoices
● Process and Lodge Super

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