Shared Service Managed Payroll

Get the support you need when it comes to Payroll

Shared service managed payroll , customised for your business.

Our shared payroll services are designed to provide support where your business needs it. This may include our team setting up new employees and your team running the payroll. We offer you complete flexibility to tailor a payroll solution to meet your requirements.

We do

Prepare and lodge superannuation payments
● Look after STP finalisation at the end of the financial year
● Advise on best practice and provide recommnedations

You do

● Collate and approve employee timesheets
● Collate and approve employee timesheets
● Manage leave requests
● Process payroll on time
Upload payroll directly to bank if required
● Send payslips to employees
● File and lodge STP with ATO
Keep us updated on changes with your employees

This service is best suited for

● A business with employees 

We also offer

● Full service Payroll

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